Top 8 ways to get radiant skin

  1. Honey: Using honey is an excellent way to get healthy and glowing skin. It should be used in both the ways, internally and externally to get smooth and radiant skin. You should wash your face after giving massage with one teaspoon of raw honey followed by pat drying and take one teaspoon internally on a daily basis in order to get desired results.
  2. Almonds and brown lentils face pack: This is the remedy for instant noticeable glow. Soak 2 almonds and 50gm whole brown lentils in raw milk overnight. Grind this mixture to make thick paste. Apply on your face and leave for an hour. Wash and pat dry. You will see the difference instantly.
  3. Water: Hydration for skin is very important. Dehydration can make skin itchy, dry and flaky. Drinking enough water makes your skin healthier by keeping it moist. Furthermore, it flushes out the toxins from our body making our skin glowing and flawless.
  4. Amla/ Indian gooseberry: Amla not only gives you clean and smooth skin but also keeps it hydrated. You should consume it with water and you can also add it to your face mask for healthy skin and natural glow.
  5. Aloevera: Aloe gel is used in many cosmetics and this is because it can soothe, clean and hydrate our skin. If this gel is applied directly on the face, it helps in the prevention of acne. Regular consumption of aloevera keeps your skin youthful because of its anti ageing properties.
  6. Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits are full of vitamin C which prevents skin ageing by getting rid of free radicals in the body. The citric acid helps your skin glow naturally by limiting adverse effects of bacteria and pathogens present under the skin.
  7. Cucumber: Cucumber helps rejuvenate your skin. It is full of water, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Daily intake of cucumber can help to get clear and glowing skin. It can also be used in face packs due to its soothing effects.
  8. Papaya: Massage your face with mashed papaya mixed with full fat milk for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash with water and pat dry. Vitamin A and papain enzyme in papaya helps to nourish your skin and keeps the dead cell away.
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