Quick tips/ reminders for maintenance of healthy life

  • Maintain regularity in your routine
  • Eat well but do not overeat
  • Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Take a little bit of amla powder or raw amla or dried amla often. It will boost your immunity.
  • Avoid excessive salt, spices and sugar
  • Take light dinner
  • Have fennel seeds after meals for good digestion
  • Exercise regularly and maintain ideal weight
  • Consume at least one fruit in a day
  • Do not skip your meals especially your breakfast
  • Don’t snack throughout the day, have meals at fixed timings
  • Opt for the dishes that are steamed, baked, grilled or roasted rather than deep fried
  • Opt for salads as starters rather than fries
  • Take a proper meal before leaving home and before travelling
  • Go for plain water instead of colas/sodas
  • Drink at least 10 glasses of water during a day
  • Start and end each day with a walk, make sure it’s a brisk walk
  • Play any sport for at least 10 minutes without break
  • Dance to your favorite music at home
  • Instead of taking tea/coffee/cigarette breaks take fitness breaks and walk around
  • Instead of using elevators or escalators use staircases
  • Instead of playing video games/watching television play outside/go for cycling
  • Instead of overly stressing yourself with work pressure devote minimum 5 minutes to yoga and stretching exercises everyday.
  • Sleep enough

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