Stay Hydrated!!!

Water is the most important part of our diet to which we usually do not pay much attention. In fact, if I ask you to list down the things you ate and drink yesterday, most of you probably would not even bother to mention water in that but actually, this substance is one of the most essential elements to health. Without water, we can not even survive. Water makes up more than 2/3rd of human body weight and it is needed for most body functions. As our body can’t store water, we need it everyday to make up for losses. Drinking less water can lead to dehydration which is the most common cause of daytime fatigue and headache.

Top 7 Health benefits of water:

  1. Hair growth and maintenance: Proper hydration facilitates hair growth as moisture is very important for their maintenance. If your hair don’t have the amount of moisture they need, they tend to become brittle and will have split ends. Dehydration has an immediate negative impact on hair growth by ceasing it immediately.
  2. Heart functioning: Having enough water in your body can help your heart to do its job more efficiently as it can pump blood more easily. Dehydration may lead to the thickening of blood due to the retention of sodium, making it harder to circulate properly.
  3. Fever: Drinking 1 glass of lukewarm water every hour during fever will not only help to lower down the fever but also reduces its side effects such as headache, body ache and fatigue.
  4. Glowing skin: Hydration for skin is very important. Dehydration can make skin itchy, dry and flaky. Drinking enough water makes your skin healthier by keeping it moist. Furthermore, it flushes out the toxins from our body making our skin glowing and flawless.
  5. Kidney health: Drinking water is important for kidney health as it facilitates the free travelling of blood to the kidneys for delivering necessary nutrients. Water also helps the kidney to remove the toxins and waste from our body through urine. Consumption of enough water is very helpful in treating urinary tract infections and kidney stones.
  6. Saliva: Our saliva is 98 per cent water. If proper moisture is not present in our body saliva will not be produced properly in our body. It is very important for the flow of mucus and keeps our mouth moist. It also facilitates the swallowing of food.
  7. Weight reduction: Water is zero calorie itself, helping you to burn even more calories by keeping you active during workouts. Also, it suppresses your appetite if taken before your meals. Having one glass of warm water after meals can help with the fast emulsification of fats in the body which further facilitates the digestion process and may result in weight reduction.

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